Radio receiver GPS-time FU 3x.00 pro

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Hugo Müller GmbH & Co KGHugo Müller GmbH & Co KG
FU 30.00 prowithout power supply unit
FU 35.00 proDIN-rail power supply included


  • 3-wire-connection
  • Accessory für time switches and master clocks
  • Also suitable for alternative applications
  • For wall mounting
  • World-wide applicable
  • Reception and processing of the GPS-time signal (UTC)
  • Output signal is a DCF-time-telegram
  • One FU 3x.00 pro receiver can connect to 10 time switches
  • Time and date are automatically transfered to the time switch
  • Control LED
  • Compact housing
  • Simple mounting, wall fixed rotatable
  • Max. length of wire between receiver and time switches 200m
  • Power supply 12–30 VDC
  • External power supply required

    Adapted for following products:

  • Weekly time switches SC 88.x0 pro, SC 83.x0 pro
  • Yearly time switches SC 28.19 pro, SC 98.x0 pro, SC 93.x0 pro
  • Mastercklocks SC 58.07 pro, SC 58.08 pro, SC 58.17 pro, SC 98.47 pro, SC 53.17 pro, SC 93.47 pro


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Power supply  DIN rail [12VDC] NT 08.12 pro



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