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Hugo Müller GmbH & Co KGHugo Müller GmbH & Co KG
FU 40.00 knxGPS-signal, light and temperature sensor


  • Sensorstation for Buildingautomation KNX
  • Wall mounting
  • Reception and processing of the GPS-signal
  • Temperature and light/brightness sensor
  • World-wide applicable
  • Operation indicator: flashing LEDs
  • Compact housing
  • Simple mounting

    Following data and functions will be offered for the KNX bus:

  • Timebase
  • Geographical position: Latitude and Longitude
  • The course of the angle of solar radiation during the day
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Temperature control
  • Light control
  • Twilight switch with daily program
  • Daily time switch
  • Astronomic time switch


  • Timebase
  • Geographical data
  • Light sensor / brightness sensor
  • Temperature sensor

Intended use

  • The device fits for the particular use of the following tasks: sensor station for light and shadowing regulation (GPS signal, temperature and light-/ brightness sensor) in building systems technology, data transfer and regulation via bus system.


Download application program:

Download application program FU 40.00 knx

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