paladin 161 120 / 164 120

Order numbers:

Hugo Müller GmbH & Co KGHugo Müller GmbH & Co KGHugo Müller GmbH & Co KG
FS 60.18 161 120Day without reserve
FS 64.18 164 120Day with reserve


  • Daily or weekly program
  • Dimensions 72 x 72 mm
  • Captive setting keys
  • Manual override switch Permanent-ON / Permanent-OFF / Automatic
  • Analogue display (clock display)

    Intended use

  • The device fits for the particular use of the following tasks: Illumination of private and industrial areas, street and shop-window lightening, regulation of air conditioning, flushing, motors, pumps, plants and machinery as well as to simulate presence etc.
  • Operate the device in a dry room only!
  • The installation must be in accordance with the instruction manual.
  • The device is not qualified for security relevant tasks such as emergency doors, fire protection equipment.

Supply voltage versions

  • 230V 50-60Hz
  • 115V 50-60Hz
  • 24-48V 50-60Hz
  • 12-24V DC


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Retaining Clip

Quick-fix retaining clip 120.004


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