müller SC 08.13 pro / paladin 172 113 pro

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SC 08.13 pro172 113 pro1 channel version


  • Time switch digital astro
  • DIN-rail mounting 17,5mm
  • 1 channel
  • Daily and weekly program
  • Astro program
  • Economical night program
  • Extra switching times
  • 60 memory locations
  • Minimum interval 1 min
  • Switching capacity 16 A per channel
  • Permanent by date / holiday function
  • Manual permanent mode
  • Manual override
  • Automatic sorting of switching times on readout
  • Unrestricted block programming
  • Fully automatic daylight saving time
  • Elapsed time and pulse counter
  • Security by PIN-Code
  • PC-programmable
  • Text based menu
  • Display with two text lines
  • Easy handling
  • Can be programmed with supply disconnected (6 years battery-reserve)
  • Unlimited program security by EEPROM
  • Optimized Quartz accuracy for typical ambient conditions in standard installations


  • Ideal for modern lamps [LED, CFL, etc.]
  • Optimizied for hig capacitive lamp loads [W-pre-make contact with a switching capacity of 16(16)A]
  • Removable programming module

    Astro program

  • Switching time in respect of the position of the sun
  • Each switching time independently programmable with or w/o Astro function
  • Astro ON and OFF times are corrected daily with actual times of sunset and sunrise
  • Offset function = for each switching time a difference (±90 min.) to the Astro time can be programmed

 Intended Use

  • The device fits for the particular use of the following tasks: Illumination of private and industrial areas, street and shop-window lightening, regulation of air conditioning, flushing, motors, pumps, plants and machinery as well as to simulate presence etc.
  • Operate the device in a dry room only!
  • The installation must be in accordance with the instruction manual.
  • The device is not qualified for security relevant tasks such as emergency doors, fire protection equipment




Product-Name Order-Nr.   Picture
Programming Package
PP 50 pro
Programming Package
PP 60 pro

Supply voltage versions

  • 230V 50-60Hz
  • Other supply voltage versions on rerquest

Assistance / Hugo Müller on YouTube

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Technical data

Supply voltages 230 V, 50-60 Hz
other voltages on request
Power consumption
(Real power)
1.0 W
(potential free)
Normally open,
contact gap < 3 mm (μ)
Contact material AgSnO2 + W pre-make contact
Switching capacity 16 A / 250 V~ at cosϕ=1
16 A inductive load cosϕ=0,6
Min. switching power 1,000 mW (10 V / 10 mA)
Max. starting current 165 A / 20 msec. (filament l.)
800 A / 200 μsec. (fluorescent l.)
Rights to technical amendments reserved!