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SC 98.47 pro1 Slaveclock line


  • For approx. 40 slave clocks (24 V DC, 300 mA, pole changing pulse)
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Automatic adjustment of the slave clocks
  • Automatic time correction of slave clock/s after supply voltage interruption
  • Repetition of the last applied minutepulse
  • Fully automatic summertime change (European standard) with 60 additional pulses or 1 hour pulse suppression of the slave-clock-line
  • Monitoring of the slave-clock-line and malfunction indicator in display
  • Security by PIN-Code
  • Illuminated display
  • Data-key function
  • DCF/GPS function

    Overview time switch function

  • 4 channels (change-over)
  • Daily, weekly and yearly program
  • 300 memory locations
  • Minimum interval 1 min
  • Permanent by date
  • Manual override
  • Elapsed time and pulse counter
  • Pulse function
  • Cycle function
  • Timer function
  • Channel button function
  • DCF/GPS function
  • External input function
  • Data-key function


  • Yearly program within Easter function, Weekday function and Extra-switching-time function
  • Text based Menu
  • Display with a large dot matrix area to provide two high resolution text lines
  • Easy handling
  • Quick and intuitive programmable
  • 10 years battery-reserve
  • Unlimited program security by E2-PROM

Intended use

  • The device fits for the particular use of the following tasks: Regulation of slave clocks in schools, sports halls, hospitals, factories and companies or huge buildings as well as for church clocks.
  • Operate the device in a dry room only!
  • The installation must be in accordance with the instruction manual.


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